Sunday, January 9, 2011

So it begins

With three weeks left to go until I finish up my two-point-five(ish) years at my current job, I get to be off two Mondays in a row. Tomorrow, snow day! Next Monday, MLK Day. Pay me to stay home? Done.  

People keep telling me how different California is from Alabama (and Mississippi). That is the whole idea. One thing I believe factors into this commentary is that most people think California and their mind instantly goes to Los Angeles. Never been to LA, so I cannot make comments on it, but I suspect living in Sacramento is not the same. And let's face it, wherever I go there I am. Do I think this experience will in some way change me? Of course. If you don't change in some way every so often, you're not living. But will it fundamentally interfere with who I am? No. I don't think I'll come home convinced that Scientology is the way to go or anything else people assume California will 'do to you.'

But first things first...deciding who will move me across country. Because the very idea of driving a U-Haul 55 MPH over 2,000 miles with my car trailer-hitched to it is enough to reconsider the entire thing. And once this honor is bestowed on some fabulous bidness, I will get my shit packed and also be deciding where said packed shit will go when said movers arrive wanting to unload it.

I'm thinking the Fair Oaks/Citrus Heights area. At least until I settle into the groove of Sacramento well enough to know if/where else I'd want to live. Or maybe I'll be fortunate enough to land in the perfect place and not be in a hurry to pack it all up and shuffle it across town somewhere.

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