Tuesday, January 25, 2011

24, 66

Considering I have three more 8-hour workdays left, that puts me at '24 hours' (ha) until my brain can refocus fully on the move to California! The latest developments: 

Mom, Brooke, and I will most likely be staying at a casino hotel in Tunica the night before we hit the road and the journey begins. To clarify, as no one seems to get the reasoning behind this...all my stuff will be packed up at this point and we'll have no where to sleep. Tunica is (sorta) on the way to Memphis, which is where we will hop on I-40 West and get rolling. Plus, the rate for the room in Tunica is at least 1/2 as much as any decent hotel between here and there (Memphis included) so them's the plans!

I also learned that a fair amount of the old Route 66 has been taken over by I-40, and as such, have done the Jen Thing, and researched places to stop along the way. I have ALWAYS wanted to travel all of the old Route 66 (or as much of it as still exists) and was beside-myself-excited to find out we will be on it or parallel to it as we make tracks to Sactown.

We are staying in regular hotels (Hyatt, courtesy of a friend giving us the hook-up rate) not the crazy Route 66 hotels, but I do want to pull off here and there and see some of the iconic scenery, eat at a funky little diner, etc. The furthest place off the main route that I'm thinking we might oughta detour for is the Grand Canyon. That will add about 2-3 hours to our day and our driving, so it's not entirely up to me. I guess it depends on how we feel when it comes time to veer north and stop before the big hole in the ground!

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