Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Backing up to go forward

The original plan was, each night I would update this blog from the hotel, sharing details of our trip from MS to Sacramento. But we didn't get into the hotel in time to use the computers and still get a reasonable amount of sleep, so that didn't happen. Add to this that I haven't had Internet access for any length of time on any regular basis, and it has made blogging difficult! So the plan is, I will back up and recount the stories of each day's journey so the things that happened on our trip across I-40/Route 66 will be known to all. For now, I'll give the quick-and-dirty details of life since I began settling in here in Sacramento (or to be technical about it, 'the greater Sacramento area.')

Tuesday (2/7) I began looking for an apartment in towns in the general vicinity of my library (Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, etc.) and wasn't getting very far. On a whim, I decided to ride out to Folsom to see what the area looked like, and was hooked. So, my apartment hunt switched gears and I set my sights on Folsom apartment complexes. The place I went to last on Wednesday (2/8) was far and away my favorite -- great location, rent is reasonable for the size/area, has a much more unique look to it than other complexes (there's a lot of places here that all look the same...this one is not like that), is close to everything I could want at a moment's notice, and only about 20-30 minutes drive into downtown Sactown.

I moved in on Friday (2/11) and was thrilled to have begun settling into my own place before I started work this week (2/14). So far, work has not been much work, which is to say, Monday was the usual first day stuff (paperwork, HR stuff, training about sexual harassment, etc.) and Tuesday was fairly similar. I was at my branch for the first couple of hours, then spent the afternoon at a branch in the Southern end of the system in a session on 'Verbal Judo' (AKA How to deal with difficult people), and some odds and ends at the branch.

Today I actually started some hands-on training (yay!) and spent some time at the front desk (yay!). Tomorrow will be all day at another branch and Friday will be an AM meeting, then at my own branch the remainder of the day.

As for the aforementioned road trip...stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My life, in boxes

Mom and I spent most of today finishing up my packing. Which is to say, doing the remaining 40-50% of the packing that I had not already done. (She's a pro and goes at it full force; I aspire to the rank of 'novice' because I'm too lazy to invest a proper amount of time in the process.) So most of what I own is now in a box of some description. And tomorrow, all of my furniture and those many boxes will be loaded into the 'ReloCube' currently sitting in my driveway, so the moving company can come get it and schlep it across the country for me.

The process of packing revealed to me how much stuff I have and has renewed my need to be less of a pack rat and be more choosy about what I spend my money on, and what I keep/don't throw away when I know I don't need it anymore/won't use it again. Hoarder? No. Unintentional keeper-of-the-unnecessary? Si.  And yet, for all the seemingly endless amounts of stuff we packed, it will all fit in a  6'3" x 7' x 8'4" cube (that's only 336 cubic feet, folks). 

Side note: The mere fact that all of this stuff will undoubtedly go in this fairly small container is due to the hours my mom, The Master Packer, has put into calculating and re-calculating exactly how every single item will fit in that thing. We've measured every piece of furniture and counted all the tubs and boxes, and she has determined the exact order in which each item will go into the cube, etc. Some will go in upside down; the book cases will be filled to the brim with items in smaller boxes and bags (easier to load/unload if you can just yank the bags in and out); the desk is two separate pieces and each piece will be put in separately; etc.). No space will be wasted and I sincerely doubt there will be anything that I have to decide 'toss it or store it at my parent's house for now?' because she has accounted for every literal inch.

We've made a few pictures, but once we get on the road (Mom, my sister, and I), we'll really get picture-happy and my new Flickr account will be put to good use! So check back soon because there will be Road Trip stories to tell, funny Route 66 pix to share, and I'll officially become an 'AlaFornia Girl'!! :)