Friday, April 22, 2011

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Being a YA Liberrian, I am always on the prowl for ideas for crafts, programs, etc., that I think teens/tweens would enjoy doing. And that wouldn't be overly stressful for their liberrian. :)  I stumble into one blog after the next (all these crafty blogging folk link to one another and create this spiderweb of craft pages) and then can never find them again, so I've gone 'old school' and made a Delicious account where I'll have all this stuff linked. Should you be in the market for similar links (whether or not for similar reasons), feel free to use my Delicious page as a jumping-off point to find your way into the spiderweb o'crafters!

And, of course, the ones I think are BEYOND cool (that I might want to do) and the ones I do end up doing will be on here, linked directly!

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