Monday, April 18, 2011

All things Atlantis: Tuesday

When the room service was brought up Monday night, we handed over a request for breakfast room service the next morning. All I knew was I heard the alarm go off at about 7:30 AM, and the next thing I know, I hear Brooke sleepily saying, "That's probably the room service" as she stumbled out of bed, half-awake. I vaguely remember hearing the lady who brought the food up (waitress?) talking to Brooke, and once she was gone, Brooke waking me up to eat.

By about 8:30, we were on the beach. We walked a short way on the beach (from where the big clump of chairs are to where the land juts out into the water) and came back and plopped down on two empty chairs. Two of the many empty chairs. Only to be told they were reserved. And since the pool does not open until 9:00, we sat...somewhere...on the beach with Terri (fellow traveler) and chatted as time passed. Then when 9:00 rolled around, we took in about 30 minutes of sunshine poolside before we returned to the spa for 'service #2': massages. Sweet. Lord. I challenge you to have a 90 minute massage and not doze off. Cannot be done. (Unless, like Brooke, you carry on a convo with your masseuse the whole time and make a new friend, ha!)

Lunch and most of the afternoon were poolside, until time to head back to the room and get ready for dinner. One major exception: going to Dolphin Cay to watch Mike and Ashley (Brooke's co-worker and her boyfriend) get engaged!! He had it all worked out before we even left Alabama, and long story short, when it was their turn with the dolphins, one of the dolphins swam up and pushed a buoy at Ashley. She had to look at it more than once before she really read it and it sank in, then she realizes he's on one knee in the water, ring in hand. Greatest. Proposal. Ever!!

Tuesday night was at Mesa Grill, where the appetizers were family style (my fave: duck pancakes, more like duck soft deliciousness) and dinner was everyone for themselves. I chose the single most politically incorrect thing you can eat: veal. And it was fab, thankyouverymuch.

After dinner, back to the casino! We attempted to go to the nightclub that is above the casino (or something like that) and apparently they open at will. And their will said to not open that night. But for shame.

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