Monday, April 18, 2011

All things Atlantis: Wednesday

Wednesday morning did not start quite so early, since we realized there is no direct sun on "our area" of the beach yet, and the pool is only open 30 minutes before we were to be at the spa. So we slept in a tad later, and skipped breakfast entirely. Spa treatment #3: teeth whitening. Not a huge difference to my eyes, but whatevs.

Most of the rest of the day was spent poolside. Yes, we spent our time at the pool. The water at the beach was frrrrreeeeeezing, so leave me alone. (Poolside is code-speak for laying out, eating, and having our fair share of various frozen fruity drinks, namely the new fave, Miami Vice -- half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri, all goodness.)

Somewhere in there we got the marvelous idea to go parasailing. Mind you, parasailing in and of itself: totally great. But when you get motion sick reasonable easy, and you are in a boat going full speed across choppy waters...then when it's time to be reeled back into the boat and you are reeled in about 10' at a time, with sharp jerking stops every 10' or so...that motion sick sets off really easily. Mine hit me airborne. Tossing your high-priced cookies several hundred feet above sea: hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Brooke managed to hold it together until we were on dry land again, which is amazing since she is 10x more prone to motion sickness than I am. You just never know!

Needless to say, we opted to go back to our room and crash for a couple of hours before we met the group for dinner. If you're going to get sick, sea sick is the way to go. Give it a couple hours and you're back on track. I was so afraid we'd still be woozy and be eating bread sticks -- yay that this was not the case!!

Dinner Wednesday night was at Carmine's (totally forgot to take pictures of that one...), and their menu is intentionally family style. We passed around several appetizers, then ordered 5 or 6 entrées (one entrée is food enough for 3-4 people, no joke) and passed them around, too. (Dessert every night was also done family style...this family style is the way to get to try a LOT of great stuff that way!)  Those out there in blog land who might be in the vicinity of NYC...get your butt to Carmine's. If you like lasagna...the. best. ever.

We did our souvenir shopping and then one more night in the casino, plus Jeff (one of Brooke's co-workers and a fellow tripper) gave us a partial tour of the areas we hadn't seen yet (and did not want to give up our time in the sunshine for) around midnight. We saw the rope bridge and some other cool stuff on the end of the property farthest from where we stayed, much of which my memory sees as palm trees, fish, and darkness. Because it was dark, and because I was a little sloshy, too. Once we wandered our way back to 'The Cove' we parted ways and crashed for our final night.

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