Monday, June 20, 2011


I've always wanted each thing to have its own place. I keep separate notebooks for separate things: story ideas, books I want to read, lists of things to buy, recipes, songs to download, websites to check out, etc. So it only follows suit that, where this is something I occasionally update about share-worthy events in life (and occasional soap-boxing), I would want a different place to post stuff I find online and want to get back to one day.

Following my usual pattern, I went elsewhere entirely for this purpose: Tumblr. I didn't want to just keep a list of 'favorite websites' to go back to, and have to click each link to remember what they represent. I wanted a way to keep track of things I've come across I'd want to try to make, do, cook, bake, places I'd want to go if I got the chance, etc. and that others could look at and maybe go 'Hey! I wanna try that, too!' And whether anyone else uses it or not, it would be easy for me to scan through and find something, because I'm putting in a photo of each finished product, location, what have you...

So check it out! It's called One Day I Wanna... and each individual post has a short title (and some have a quick description) with a linked photo below it! Easy to peruse, and more fun to look at!

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