Saturday, May 28, 2011


I have always fancied myself a writer, though I was more prolific in my pre-college years. I think college, then grad school, and all that life brought with it, pushed me off track for the most part. Inspiration was rare, and when it hit, it was a basic idea or sometimes even a title that I thought "This would make a great title...I wonder how I could flesh out a story from that..." but I never get past the first few paragraphs or pages.

The idea for "Town Square" came to me a few years back (the original document shows having been created in March 2006!), and it's something I just never could get moving off the first flickers of the idea. Over the last couple of days, it came back to me and something told me to sit down and poke at it, see what happened. This time, I scrapped what I had originally put down and started over, and within about four hours, I had the whole thing done.

Anyway, to the few who read this blog, I hope you like the story and I welcome feedback! :)

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