Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's finally done!! I've updated the full story of our cross-country trip!! One missing piece that will soon fall into place: photos! I'll go back in and post in/link in some photos next week (cuz I'll finally have access to the photos next week), and they will all be on my Flickr page, which (PS) does not have any photos on it yet. :)

And now that I've gotten all that on there, I feel like I can keep it more current now. Don't ask. It's how my semi-OCD/writer brain works. I didn't want every day stuff intermingled with trip stuff, I wanted all the trip stuff in there first, I just couldn't make myself sit and do it all in one sweep.

Next round of postings? Bahamas trip!!!  Just to give you photos to look at while you anxiously await my actual trip pix... pix from the website of the suite we'll be staying in...and the view. :)

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